About Full Circle Art Studio

About Full Circle Art Studio


In the Beginning

For many years, I have worked as an art teacher, a graphic designer and a practicing fine artist. Originally founded in 1990 under the name Lewis Graphics, I offered graphic design and publishing services to businesses across the Colorado Front Range. The name change in 2014 marked a new chapter in my evolution as an artist. 

Student Becomes Teacher

In 2010, I enrolled in the graduate art education program at the University of Northern Colorado. While I worked on my masters degree, I served as a graduate assistant to three professors and supervised student teachers. After I completed my MA in 2013, I changed the name of my business to Full Circle Art Studio to reflect my focus on teaching and the fine arts.

Art Classes

In this latest chapter in my life, I am practicing my true calling as an art teacher. I offer a variety of enriching art classes to adult and teenage students, while continuing to evolve as a practicing fine artist myself. Won't you join me?

About Claudia Lewis, M.A.

Claudia in Athens

My Philosophy

I believe that art reveals our strengths and forgives our weaknesses. It is a manifestation of our personal story, spirit, values and heart. Art for art’s sake can help you discover parts of yourself you’ve never met before.

Teacher and Artist

In my classroom, I start by working with my students to establish a high level of comfort with the materials and techniques of the practices I teach. Then, I strive to help each student find a personal connection to their creations. My goal is to help all my students find their creative voices, whatever form it takes. The classes and open studio sessions I offer here at Full Circle Art Studio are meant to provide a safe and creative atmosphere where students can explore and flourish.

The Joy of Creation!

Nothing thrills me more than to see a student’s eyes light up when they have made something beautiful they never thought possible. I hope you will come to my studio and discover your artist within. Thanks for visiting my website!

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What a great way to de-stress - to be able to create, play like a kid and create something really fun to wear - all at the same time. 

Claudia guided us through several different kinds of dyeing and resist techniques and made the whole process easy.

I NEED TO PLAY!!! And in this class that's exactly what I can do - for me, there's little better than playing with color and materials to soothe the jangled nerves. Better than wine!!! The instruction Claudia provides adds to the comfort level in playing.